sábado, 5 de febrero de 2011

Moving on.

The past weeks were stressfffulshit, lots of crying and sad faces around.
But Im fine now, can't wait for my bday, Madrid and have lots of fun with the girls.
Quiting social networks but Facebook, because I need to be in touch with people from my course as we are trying to put a Fashion Show together...
Tomorrow Im meeting my photographer to discuss some points for my photoshoot, hope she likes my ideas because I've been working really hard on it!
And... Yes, writing an 2000 words essay is a pain in the ass, and even more when you don't have boyfriend that can help you out with it. Damn it!
Anyways, life is always complicated, nobody said this was going to be easy, too bad that I am a nostalgic freak and I always want happy endings. (Kids, happy endings don't exist.)

So yeah, I wish I could be in Malaga out of the crap in London, getting fucking tanned and drinking mohitos, but Im a strong woman and you always have to fight for what you want.

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MissDonwnpour dijo...

niña animos que te veo un poko decaida! q te vienes a españa de visita? pasalo muy bien
un besin!